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Tree of Life Montessori School admits students of any economic and social class, racial and ethnic heritage, religious belief and family structure.   At this time we are only enrolling new children who are *2.5 to 4 years of age. Independence in the bathroom is a requirement.

  1. We ask interested parents to schedule a visit to the school.

  2. In order to apply, complete the application form and send it to the school with a non-refundable $50.00 application fee.

  3. Admissions decisions are made by the owner/lead teacher. All children will have a two week trial period in the classroom before a final decision is made. Emergency contact information, medical release forms,immunization records, other forms and fees are required for your child to attend.

  4. All new parents are required to attend a Parent Orientation meeting before their child can attend. 

Please call 770-458-9955 to request an application or click here to download an application.

*Children need to turn 3 by December/January of the school year they attend. 


Tuition 2024-2025


TOLMS provides an academic program for children ages *2.5 to 6+ years of age. This is a five day a week program.  Children must be independent in the bathroom to attend this program. At this time we are only enrolling children *2.5 to 4 years of age.


Tuition for the regular school year, August through May, is based on a 10 month yearly amount. For your convenience this has been split into 10 monthly payments. There are no adjustments for absences or holidays. If your child joins midyear, then the total will be appropriately adjusted and listed in your contract. The Summer Sessions are based on a weekly rate.


Academic Year ( 10 months: Aug – May) 

Half Day (8:30 am – 12:45 pm) $6,750 or 10 payments of $ 675 per month

Full  Day (8:30 am – 4:00 pm) $9,250 or 10 payments of $925 per month


  • To apply, fill out an application and send in a $50 non refundable application fee.

  • If you are accepted, you are also required to pay $400 to reserve your child’s place – this will be applied toward your child’s first month’s tuition. Payments due on the first of each month. This fee is non-refundable. 

  • Tuition Discount: Parents may earn a tuition discount of $100 off each month's fee by reading Montessori for Every Family and writing a paper on how they will apply at least three concepts from the book in their home. This will be required every year of attendance. 

*Children need to turn 3 by December/January of the school year they attend. 


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